CTYA Emergency Presentation Routes

The emergency presentation Route can be further split into ‘sub-routes’, namely Accident and Emergency (A and E), GP emergency presentation (where a GP makes an emergency referral), inpatient emergencies and outpatient emergencies. These sub-routes offer a more detailed insight into emergency presentations.

The graph shows the proportion and number of incident cancers diagnosed between 2006 and 2016, split by emergency presentation sub-route for Children and Teenagers and Young Adults.

The graph shows stacked bars with the proportion of tumours diagnosed by emergency presentation sub-route for the selected age group. The axis on the left shows the proportion diagnosed (relating to the bars), and the axis on the bottom shows the cancer site.

How to use these graphs:

The age group of interest can be selected from the drop down menu above, with the cancer sites with the highest incidence being shown on the display.